Exaggerated 18K Gold Ball Stainless Steel Earrings

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Code:  SSE04
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight:  35.65g


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Bold & Golden Glory

Unearth the magic of the Exaggerated Ball Shaped Earrings – where oversized beauty meets a glint of 18K gold! These baubles don’t whisper, they shout, ensuring you’re the shimmering star of every gathering.

Resilient Radiance

Quality you can see and feel. Crafted with the strength of stainless steel and kissed with a lavish layer of 18K gold, these earrings are not just about making a statement; they’re about making it last. Delight in durability as much as in design!

Temperament’s Triumph

Drench yourself in the drama of these temperament earrings. Their unique design radiates an aura of audacity and elegance. From boardrooms to ballrooms, elevate every ensemble and let your spirit soar!


Silver, Gold


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