Lava 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel Ring

$18.82 $16.94

Code:  SSR05
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight:  17.68g
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Size Chart

Size Diameter (mm) Perimeter (mm)
6 16.5 51.8
7 17.3 54.4
8 18.1 56.9


Lava’s Fiery Embrace in Golden Hues

Ignite your style with our Lava 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel Ring. Inspired by the molten magic of lava, this ring combines the intensity of nature with a dash of luxury.

From Earth’s Heart to Your Finger

Every curve, every undulation of this ring is reminiscent of lava’s wild and free journey. But unlike the molten rock, this beauty is cool to touch, offering a unique blend of the untamed and the refined.

Unyielding Strength Meets Liquid Gold

Fashioned from robust stainless steel and gilded with 18k gold, this ring promises both durability and dazzle. A testament to the power of nature and craftsmanship.


6, 7, 8


Silver, Gold


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